Qualities Of A Good Pilot

It takes a combination of skills to be a successful pilot. You have to be creative, possess the ability to act under pressure, as well as communicate and work well with others. So here are some qualities of a good pilot.

Ability To Communicate Clearly

A good pilot should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with all the necessary support crew members to achieve a successful flight. Incorrect or incomplete pilot-controller communication has contributed to around 70 per cent of flight incidents or accidents.

Ability To Be Aware Of Surrounding Situations

A good pilot must be aware of every situation concerning the aircraft to be able to handle it perfectly. They must have a mental picture of the location, flight conditions, configuration, and energy state of their aircraft before and after take-off.

Ability To Work Well With Other Team Members

A good pilot must have a good working relationship with other crew members. The bond between them should be strong because human lives are dependent on it. A pilot should relate well with everyone more so the ground crew. The feedback between them must be clear, coordinated, and honest.

Ability To Make Quick And Decisive Judgements

A pilot is required to make sound judgements and the best possible decision in every particular flight situation. While in the air, time is of the essence. Incidents are a matter of giving or taking a second. Pilots have to always keep a cool head keeping in mind that making the wrong decision could result in a fatal outcome.

Ability To Understand Technical Information

As a pilot, you need to understand how your aircraft works. There are a set of technical procedures that you must learn and understand to be able to fly an aircraft effectively. Learn them, commit them to heart and with constant practice, they become a part and parcel of you.

Know When To Break The Rules

There are no two flights that offer the same experience. Pilots have a strict set of rules to follow, laid out by regulating bodies and other authorities.

These rules are all meant to promote flight safety. However, in the case of an emergency, it’s dependent on you to navigate the aircraft to safety the best way you can. Possess these qualities and become the best pilot.

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