How To Start A Flying Club

Flying clubs are organisations of people who are budget conscious but are passionate about flying. However, these people don’t have the resources to own and operate an aircraft. So, forming a flying club could be a means to share in the ownership of an aircraft. There are several ways on how to start a flying club.

A flying club may start up with any kind of aircraft. A club could start with four-seater aircraft like Cessna 172s, Cessna 182s, and Piper PA-28s. These planes are affordable, and their operating expenses are low. A flying club can even start with a donated aircraft by a member or by restoring old planes.

How To Start A Flying Club 2 - How To Start A Flying Club

There is no specific number of people that can start a flying club but six is preferable. The ratio of people to an available number of aircraft matters. Some flying clubs have so many members that the ratio of people to the available number of aircraft is 15:1. Some clubs have less than 10 people to an aircraft.

It is a good idea to first consult the relevant authorities before starting a flying club. The club should be registered and recognized. Endeavour to get insurance for the club and the club’s facilities. If the club will be using any government facilities for its activities, then get the necessary permits, licenses, or permissions.

How To Start A Flying Club 1 - How To Start A Flying Club

A flying club should be a mixture of older pilots and younger pilots. This is to have a strong mentorship programme. Some clubs also have arrangements with renowned flying instructors to come in and work with members as a consultant. They can be paid or just take it as a part of helping out a flying club pro bono.

Flying is a passion and starting a flying club should be followed with passion, determination, and group effort for it to be a successful one.