Top Flying Clubs In The UK

Flying an aircraft is an exciting activity but it requires hours, months and even years of training to fly one. Here are some top flying clubs in the UK.

Enstone Flying Club

This is a CAA approved flight school located in Oxford, the UK that offers private pilot licence training, trial flying lessons, hands-on flight experiences, lessons in a wide range of training aircraft. Highly trained and experienced instructors are on hand to give you a wonderful flying experience.

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The Tiger Club

Based at Damyns Hall Aerodrome, moments away from Upminster tube and train station, this flying club was founded to encourage all aspects of sport flying like aerobatics, formation flying, air racing and display flying. The club is run and owned by its members, and largely staffed by volunteers.

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The Lincoln Aero Club

The Lincoln Aero Club is based in the Original Control Tower at Stargate Airfield. It is one of the oldest member-owned aero clubs in the UK with a history that spans over six decades. It has a very friendly club atmosphere with a kitchen and a bar and members can fly a SOCATA TB200 Tobago XL 200 VPP for hire.

Alouette Flying Club

This flying club is based at London Biggin Hill Airport and within easy reach of Essex, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex. If you desire to experience your first flight, have a career in flying, build your flying hours, add to the further flying experience, then you can join Alouette.

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Turweston Flying Club

This flying club is based at Turweston Aerodrome and is privately owned and operated. It offers courses from Ab-Initio thru to Aerobatics, Instrument and Formation Training. If you desire a friendly, professional environment with dedicated instructors for your flight training needs then this club is there for you.

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Kemble Flying Club

This club/training school is Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved for the provision of Flying Instructor Training. There are dedicated flying instructors to see that you fulfil that your flying dream.

The club has a fleet of modern aircraft and operates a lease share scheme that makes it possible for anyone with a pilot’s licence to hire and fly any of its aircraft at an hourly rate.

The Cambridge Aero Club

This is one of the longest established flight training schools in the world. It has been training pilots for almost a century. If you want to learn to fly, experience the thrill of being in the air or improve and develop your abilities and confidence as a highly competent pilot, then this club will make it happen for you.

There are so many flying clubs in the UK, but these are the top ones. Connect with DHC-1 Chipmunk Club for more information.