Why You Should Join A Flying Club

A flying club is a non-profit member-run organisation that provides members with affordable access to aircraft. So, whether you are an experienced pilot or a novice learning the rudiments of flying you need a flying club. Flying is an expensive hobby but being a member of a flying club comes with some benefits.

You save money

The best benefit of joining a flying club is that it eases the cost of owning and maintaining your aircraft. You don’t need to own an aircraft to fly one. Flying clubs charge a membership fee to join.

Members also pay monthly dues and hourly flying rates. These monies are used to cover aircraft maintenance and repairs, fuel, insurance, hangar use, admin costs and more.

Why You Should Join A Flying Club 1 - Why You Should Join A Flying Club

Opportunity To Fly More Types of Aircraft

Being a member of a flying club avails you the opportunity to fly a variety of aircraft that you might not normally have access to. This is a great way to experience and improve your skills as a pilot. It is also a way of knowing the best aircraft suited for you in case you decide to buy an aircraft for yourself one day.

You Improve Your Flying Skills

A flying club encourages members to pursue, refine and improve their flying skills. There are opportunities for pilots of all flying skills to meet and learn from each other. The experienced mentor the novice and everyone are happy. Some flying clubs also engage certified flying instructors to provide training and instruction for their members.

Opportunity To Gain Administrative Experience

Most flying clubs are owned and operated by members. This is a great opportunity to acquire some administrative skills. Most flying clubs appoint members as officers to oversee the routine maintenance, record-keeping, repairs, inspections, and day to day running of the club. These are administrative skills that can be helpful in other areas of life.

Social And Professional Connection With Other Pilots

A flying club is a community of people from different strata of the larger society. Belonging to a flying club offers an opportunity to socialize with people from different walks of life. This is good both socially and professionally. Flying clubs are not all about flying. Many of them organise social events and activities outside of flying as well.

Take advantage of these benefits and join a flying club today and get closer to achieving your flying goals.